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Sarah Hoyle - Vocals

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lots of things

Just messin' for the camera, lol

Final Composition got together yesterday to talk about a few things that are happening or need to happen.

A gig in autumn at the ZEN Shop in Digbeth/Birmingham is confirmed (no date as of yet), a performance or even a number of performances at the Cube Arts Centre in Erdington/Birmingham may surface soon.

Rob Simcox got in touch and offered a video interview, which the band will do soon and Final Composition is currently looking into a new photo session to promote the album once out.

Sarah also gets to sing a German song "Dein Schmerz" written by Thomas and they worked on the pronounciation of some of the more difficult words yesterday. Goes without saying that Sarah is a natural and the song will sound awesome.

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