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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Short Bio: Thomas "TJ" Janak

Thomas was 23 years old when he released his first album back in 1990. Now, almost 21years later, the album count stands at 12 and “Final Composition – Pure” (work in progress) already turned out to be the “lucky 13”. As he himself puts it: “I was looking for a singer and made a friend”.

Being a musician and songwriter since the age of 13, Thomas, who will turn 44 in March, TJ as he is known to many, is proudly looking back on 30 years of making music.

Originally from Germany, the birthplace of electronic music, he spent 10 years in Ireland before moving to the UK in August 2010.

Over the years many of his albums reached high chart positions in different independent charts, including a # 4 in 1994 (Digital Dreams – Hitech Systems) and a # 1 (1997’s TJ – Pure Love). He has won an award for excellence in song writing by VH-1 in 2005 and his latest albums have both been critically acclaimed and have even been described as “ear candy”.

It is nonetheless fair to say that TJ never wanted to be a singer and is happiest to provide songs for female vocalists and to work in conjunction with others rather than being a solo artist.

Thomas is also a holistic animal healer and shamanic teacher and vegan for roughly about three years.

For more about Thomas “TJ” Janak please visit the official website.

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