Thomas Janak - Music
Sarah Hoyle - Vocals

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Short Bio: Sarah Hoyle

Sarah (far right) interviewed by Thomas Janak for his animal rights/world conservation show WILD TIME

It was a sunny day in October outside Birmingham's main shopping mall. A small group of Animal Equality speakers were looking out into a sea of busy shoppers. Sarah didn't have much time before a microphone was in front of her and she was being interviewed for a local radio station. That was the first time she has been on the radio and it was the first time she met Thomas Janak.

A month later she saw a post on facebook requesting a female vocalist and inspired by their first meeting decided to reply...

Final Composition is the result.

Sarah was born and raised in the West Midlands but following her taste for electronic music found herself frequently visiting various parts of Europe. Sarah grew up with animals and has been vegetarian for twelve years. Sarah turns 24 in February and is embarking on a new path in the music industry. She moved to Erdington in 2007 and is thrilled to be working on the latest project with Thomas.

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